Nuad means „ancient, healing touch“
It was widely distributed in Southeast Asia around 500 BC by buddhist monks. Today Nuad is practised mainly in Thailand as a way of preventive healthcare as well as
a supporting measure in case of illness. During a state of inner awareness
Metta („loving kindness“) and Karuna („empathy, sympathy“) are transferred.
Energy gates (= Meridians) are stimulated and muscles and joints become more relaxed. Tensions in the body can be released, so that Prana (=life energy) flows freely. These measures stimulate the body's self-healing powers and help to attain a general feeling of well-being. Nuad has relaxing effects on the nervous system; it helps to improve the circulation of body fluids, supports the metabolism and digestion and also supports breathing and improves flexibility.

The origins of Nuad lie in Ayurveda as well as in Yoga,
where body and mind are inseparable. That means that physical pain is connected
with mental stress and therefore is treated accordingly.

Nuad is practised on a comfortable mat on the floor
The wide variety of techniques makes it accessible for everyone, taking any physical
disabilities into account. By applying pressure, slight stretching and soft touches the
receiver of Nuad is led into deep relaxation. Nuad supports the general well-being but can also be used as complimentary treatment to a pre-existing physical or psycho-
logical therapy (after consultation with your doctor).